Leftover Loving- Chicken Friand

Is the weekend over already? We had a great day...slept in, ate bagels and cream cheese for breakfast, had pajama day until it was time to put on bathing suits for the pool, ate Jimmy John's at the pool, swam for hours, read, went to the store (ALONE!), and made and ate a delicious dinner. … Continue reading Leftover Loving- Chicken Friand

Baked Tacos

Evening kids! Taco night is upon us, so I thought I would change it up a bit. So, you know those crunchy taco shells you are supposed to bake in your toaster oven or oven before you all all your ingredients? Well, most of the time, some of them get burned or not at all … Continue reading Baked Tacos

Superbowl Party Idea- Sandwich Bar

Hey guys! Happy weekend! Normally there is no such thing as leftover bacon in our house, but today we had some leftover from breakfast. If you have any bacon in your fridge, may I suggest this idea for a great lunch or perhaps even a Super Bowl party idea??? Get the kids involved as well! … Continue reading Superbowl Party Idea- Sandwich Bar